WP Ultimate Search: a highly customizable WordPress search alternative with the ability to autocomplete faceted search queries.


  • Dynamic, AJAX-based, as-you-type faceting for search queries
  • Can facet by an unlimited number of user taxonomies and meta fields
  • Can exclude/include results by term and post type
  • Configurable search logic (OR or AND)
  • Option to replace default WordPress search bar automatically
  • Option to send search queries as events to your Google Analytics account
  • Attractive and lightweight interface based on jQuery, Backbone.js, and the VisualSearch.js library
  • Bypasses WordPress’ built-in search functions and conducts direct database queries for low overhead and high flexibility
New! Can now search for locations stored in the new ACF Google Maps field, and can conduct radius searches with a user configurable starting point and distance. Try it out below, or check out a real life example over at FoodTrade.com



Please note that this demo site is also a staging ground for new releases of the plugin. You may occasionally see unexpected debugging code, or encounter features that aren’t in the latest stable release.

Available search parameters (in the demo):

  • Plain text
  • Taxonomies: tag, category
  • Post meta fields: place name, hobbies, checkbox, combobox
  • Map data: map, radius (try starting your search in Santa Fe, New Mexico)